Simmonds Studio is a specialist design practice that designs, engineers and realises innovative sculptural and architectural structures.

With a track record of designing and engineering some of the worlds largest lightweight structures and structuraly ambitious sculptures with artists such as Anish Kapoor and Antony Gormley, Tristan Simmonds established Simmonds Studio in 2009 to expand on collaborative work with artists and architects and to carry out design commissions of its own.

Fuelled by a passion to produce beautiful, innovative, awe inspiring objects the practice adopts both a highly creative and technical approach to its work, utilising its experience and understanding of the underlying mathematics of form, engineering physics and construction technology.

The practice adopts a rigorous analytical approach to design, involving the development of its own innovative digital methods and tools specific for each project. This approach allows the practice to carry out design from conceptual 'digital sculpting', engineering design, structural optimisation, through to the production of fabrication data in a entirely holistic manner. The result of this approach ensures that through accurate costing, communication and practical construction techniques complex and un-conventional designs can be realistically and affordably built.

Typical projects include:

  • Large and geometrically complex sculptures.
  • Lightweight and tensile fabric structures.
  • Freeform and long span roofs.
  • Moveable and demountable structures.
  • Pedestrian bridges.